1903 - Tutwiler, MS - Waiting for a train that was hours late, the father of the blues W.C. Handy described an incident. He heard an old man singing and playing the guitar. The man was dragging a knife blade across the strings -- singing over and over again, "Goin' where the Southern Cross the Dog". The man's lyric was answered by the groaning sound of the metal strings of his guitar.

Thus, the Blues were born.

If you really want to know about CTD... come see a show. We love to have great fans enjoying our music whether we're playing originals or your favorite cover songs. Here's a little bit about the band:
John Hooker - Drums, Percussion
His wit and rhythmic feel are unmatched. As a Central Illinois native, John has been lighting up the nightlife scene in the area for over a decade. In that time, he has filled the drum throne for a number of bands playing everything from Michael Jackson to Metallica. In between music and gigging, John teaches communication at Illinois State University. Hook was also a "rassler" in a former life known as "The Convict" !

Dave Raistrick - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Dave hales from Peoria, Illinois and brings incredible musical instincts to the band. His acoustic guitar; vocals and harmonies; and banjo round out this band's fresh sound. Other than texting while driving, Dave's passion is creating innovative products for people with Blindness and Vision Impairment.

Brent Simonds - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
Brent grew up in the land of Woody Guthrie. Once he learned a G chord there was no looking back. His days are spent as an Illinois State University professor of communication. His nights consist of G chords and all the rest. Brent has been to where "The Southern Cross the Dog" and has the photos (and railroad spikes) to prove it! He's also been down to the crossroads, but he opted to keep his soul!

Angie Holloway - Vocals & Harmonies
Angie has spark and positive energy to spare! Every party needs a firecracker and Angie is the Cherry Bomb! You'll know you're having a good time when she grabs the mic. Angie says "Let Love Rule!"

Rich Leigh - Bass
Rich is a Chicago native who absorbed all the blues and funk influence that the Windy City could dish out. You've probably rocked out with Rich when he was with the Dexrays or recently got low down with him and Steve "The Harp." Now he's putting the rumble into CTD!

Curt Radford
From time to time CTD is happy to present "Sugarbone" Radford, the Low Brass Badass. Curt sits in occasionally on trombone, bass, guitar, and vocals. Often you will find him running sound. Every team needs a utility player and Sugarbone is the Man!

Former Members

Mark "Tater" Staley - Bass & Vocals
Tater is no stranger to fans of the Central Illinois music scene. If you've enjoyed live music in this area over the last 30 years then you've had over 3000 opportunities to witness this force of nature! We're absolutely certain that Tater has played more gigs than the Stones!

Jim Dougan - Bass, Vocals, Harmonica (July 5, 1958-Oct. 10, 2010)
One look at Jim and you knew it was time to Rock! From the cool shades to the tie-dye shirts, to the thunderous bass riffs - it was classic rock heaven. RIP dear friend ... we think of you every time we play. We won't forget.

Brandy Hansen - Vocals, Percussion
"Branhan" is a native of Normal, Illinois. Brandy's vocal nuance provides a richness and signature sound to Cross the Dog. She enjoys listening to and playing all kinds of music, but her heart is true blue. She hooked up with the boys in '06 and hasn't looked back since. Bran works with the County all day and knows how to shake it at night. Bow wow, baby.

Doug Drilling - Guitar, Vocals
Doug's impeccable phrasing and chops lend nicely to his bluesy guitar style. CTD takes him away from his daily work down on "The Farm".

Kate Dirks
CTD is extremely lucky to have Kate Dirks join us for select performances. Her fiery fiddle really sets the toes to tapping. She may even belt out a few vocally as well as add some sweet harmonies. We are trying to convince her to stick around as long as possible until she leaves for graduate school next fall!